About BananaGlue

We are a family owned software development company running in the second generation.

We co-founded and ran our first technology Start-Up in 1987 in our most loved city - Berlin - when no-one else was thinking of Berlin as the Start-Up hub as it is today (first company in Germany for CD-Rom database retrieval systems (OptiSearch), taken over by Wissenschaftlicher Springer Verlag in 1990)

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 we were so fascinated that we wanted to participate in the evolution of this new technology. We founded BananaGlue 2008 to develop applications that add real value to this new device class.

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What started in 2009 with the first version of iNet, a network scanner for the iPhone, where first parts of the source code were developed at the fire brigade station in Berlin while we were waiting for a mission, has become today a well renowned solution expert for secure mobile- and web-technology.

In the meantime we founded Start-Ups at the Microsoft Venture Accelerator in Berlin, getting a hands-on introduction into Azure by the people who made it, developed award winning lighting control systems for the Pinewood Studios, UK, wrote a couple of books, acquired a PhD and became experts in the fire fighting business (batallion chief), just to name a few of our achievements.

iNet is so easy to use that even the unexperienced user gets a profound overview about a network and connected devices. And for the "professional" iNet has become an indispensable tool for managing networks, as a lot of our customers are telling us.

Over the last years we added more features and ported our network toolbox to the iPad and the Mac desktop.

Long experience with Apple Macintosh computers and their appealing user interface is founding every single one of our projects. It's software from humans for humans. Our applications are well defined with regard to their specific goal pinpointed to the requirements of the user. Developed and designed with love for detail.

Every single one of our applications is updated regularly to fulfil our customer's desire for better usability and experience as well as bringing new ideas to life.

Have a beautiful day.

The BananaGlue Team