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What you can do with iNet

Please use the chooser at the left side of the iNet window to choose a feature. With iNet you can perform the following functions:

Scan network icon

Scan the Network, Portscan, Assign Icons

Get an overview about running devices. Click the scan button to initiate a scan. See Bonjour services, open ports, change names and icons...

Bonjour scanner icon

Detect Bonjour Services

See all running Bonjour services in the chosen Bonjour domain.

Airport Monitor icon

Monitor AirPort Stations

Monitor traffic and client connectivity of all connected AirPort stations.

iNet preferences icon

Wake on Lan

How to wake, sleep, shutdown or connect to devices.

iNet preferences icon

Setting iNet Preferences

How to set preferences for the different functions of iNet.

Related Topics

iNet dictionary icon

Find Definitions and Explanations
Lookup network related terms in the iNet dictionary.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Find answers to frequently asked questions.